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Re: CF: Core dumps

On Mar 2,  2:28am, Bob Tanner wrote:
> Subject: CF: Core dumps
> Does the CF server development team want core dumps for debugging
> purposes?
> I recently ran 0.95 for 3 days, 12 hours each day with a fairly heavy
> load. We where at a gaming convention showing CF.
> The server crashed 10 time, I have a core for each crash.
> What I do not have is time to go through each of the 10 core files.

 The usefulness of core files varies.  In most cases, the person looking at the
core file needs to have similar/same hardware and os that the core occured on
to actually get much meaningful data on it.

 At minimum, doing a quick backtrace on all the core files and seeing if they
all died in the same place or different places can help reduce the amount core
files to look through - duplicate crashes can pretty safely be removed (should
still be fixed, but having 5 core files of a particular crash is typically not
a lot more useful than 1 core file of that crash)


-- Mark Wedel

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