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CF: Win32 Client

A hello to all testers and players!

Some time passed, i had some free time,
and now a version for Win32 is ready to be tested.
It is quite crude, of course, but somehow works,
at least with the server.
I spent just two days on it, and there is no
item support yet (!), but this will be added very soon,
maybe even tonight.

Because i have no direct Inet connection, it already have
Socks5 support, but I hope somebody will tell me how (if) it works

Alas, i currently don't have a homepage too, and don't know
were to upload it. ( The best for me is to send it to a download
site attached to e-mail message )

Requirements are Win9x or NT4 ( i tried it on NT4 only ).
800x600x16bit resolution was used in design time, so it
may look worse in other screen modes.

I would like to hear things about the upload sites
and, of course, suggestions and bug reports.


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