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Re: CF: Playbalance

David Sundqvist on  wrote...
| There is a problem in the gaining of ability scores. The penalty of
| ability loss at death, and the way abilities affect the total power of the
| character make the ability potions a necessity. However, this too could
| probably be finer grained. Again, the level at which you reach sufficient
| funding to accumulate potions quickly is fairly low, allowing characters
| to max out at pretty low levels. One way to improve it would be by
| extending the range of abilities and review the ways abilities affect the
| character (experience gains, bonuses, etc). Should this be more linear?
I disagree with this. Unless you figure out a good `money making'
method it is VERY VERY difficult to get these potions!

Then their is the problem you can easily fall into where you
die just that many times too often (very common to new players)

You reach a point in your character where you abilities are just
too low to have any decent speed, strength, wisdom etc where you can
effectivally fight monsters to get money to get those potions!

That point is actually not that low either! You only need to be about 12
to 14 in dexterity to start having problems.  What hope has the poor
average human with status of about 10!

You first point about leveling the low level experience abilities I
think has an equal need for leveling the stats abilities.

I mean the ability loss from 17 to 16 (from death) is very large when
compared to that of 15 to 14.  Prehaps these abilities should be made
a bit more linear!

That way the `max'd out characters do not gain the `super' abilitys they
seem to have. I know this is NOT the `AD&D' method the stats were
originally based on, but it may let people recover better, and reduce
the `super' characters out there.

  Anthony Thyssen ( System Programmer )
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