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Re: CF: Playbalance

[David Sundqvist]

>   Yep, the certain statloss is a part of the problem, since it
>   generates the need for rather easily available potions, which
>   results in the problem of excessive use by more powerful
>   characters. I'd suggest a limited likelyhood of statloss and/or
>   specific restoration potion instead.

Make the game playable with PERMADEATH instead, and the problem is
avoided.  Remember that someone else in your party can resurrect you.
Scroll of resurrection needs to be cheap and easy to come by.
Remember that a resurrected character still has only 1 hp, so the rest
of the party needs to clear out the area before tending to the

I agree with giving more HP and SP to a level 1 character.  I also
think the player's weapon speed and speed need to be looked at.  In
the old days, you could never get more than speed +2.  Now, you can
carry a ton and still have speed less than 1.

I don't see the problem with having the game end at level 30, either.
(It used to end at level 20.)

Kjetil T.
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