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Re: CF: Playbalance

> that item type (a database definition) then no more are created.  (B) make
> powerful items relatively vulnerable so they break and go bad too often
> for a character to try to stay equipped in artifacts.  (or maybe the

Another option -- complicate exp calculation even more by figuring in
the power of the weapon. The more powerful the weapon (and equipped
armor, etc??), the less exp.

RL motivation: if I spend a week crawling around on my hands and knees
trying to get those damn ants out of my house, trying this or that
poison or fogger or trick involving peanut butter, then I'm going to
learn a lot about fighting ants. If I dispose of the ants by exploding a
thermonuclear bomb under the kitchen table, I'm not going to learn much
at all.

Simple implementation: give all items an exp drain factor. Sum those up
for your equipped items, and take the resulting chunk out of all exp
earned. Maybe do something special for slaying/assassination kills
(probably don't want to penalize someone for killing an orc with an
arrow of assassinating dragons).

I'm assuming it's too much effort to whack something into a
barely-living bloody pulp with a Sword of Buttkicking +38, then strip
down to your birthday suit to finish it off by kicking it in the
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