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CF: Crossfire mailing lists revisted.

There was some discussion about the last proposal, but not enough to get a
consensus.  With the actual setup of the CVS repository and proposals to get
crossfire more mainstream, I would like to revisit the subject with a more
modest proposal:

 crossfire-playing:  Issues on playing the game - how to learn spells, password
for some city, etc.

 crossfire-programming:  Issues related to programming.  Bug reports,
compilation errors, cvs logs, future direction.

 crossfire-announce:  Remains as is

 crossfire-bugs: replaced (forwards to) crossfire-programming for a while

 crossfire: replaced - perhaps forward to crossfire-playing for a while

 The reasoning of getting rid of just crossfire is to remove ambiguity.  If
there is just a crossfier mailing list, exactly what it is for is not especially

 If needed, down the road the lists can further be divided.

 The line between the playing and programming isn't 100% clear.  But my idea is
that stuff that deals with the source code, including future changes, would go
on the programming list.  While generic future ideas should perhaps also be
discussed on playbalance, and actual discussion if the change is feasible at all
probably needs to be discussed fairly early on before thinking about it much -
if the programming of the idea is just way too complicated or next to
impossible, not much reason to discuss affects on playbalance since it will
never be done.

 The playing alias would be non techinical.  There may be some general questions
not directly related to actual game play (things like what available servers are
there, what is the latest version, etc).  But the point is to try and make a
fairly clear distinction between the two aliases - one is about technical
discussions, the other non technical.
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