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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

On Tue, 11 May 1999, Christian Stieber wrote:

> David Sundqvist () wrote:
> > while allowing a certain balance on artifacts. Denied spellpaths would
> > probably be another good way to balance artifacts
> Not really. Crossfire is _heavily_ biased towards fighters;


> using
> combat spells is something that players do to show newbies what can be
> done, since it is much faster and more effective to just wield a
> decent weapon and run through the monster hordes. No need to care
> about denied spellpaths; even denying things like word of recall
> or dimension door won't hurt anyone, since they can just unwield
> the things.

At least partially true; unwielding/unwearing artifact armour can be done
pretty quickly, but it is still a penalty of sorts. 

The best way to balance these types of problems would, IMO, be to have
more strict class diffrentiation combined with a more ability matched
balancing. For example, a spellcaster would be more penalized for using
heavy weapons, but instead he could have touch-based attack spells that
would work pretty much like a weapon. The key is that all classes should
be able to accomplish approximately the same goal through different means
at a similar level. This might still have to be taken into account during
mapmaking too tho, unless the map is explicitly geared towards some
Best regards,

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