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Re: CF: Re: Preventing players from repeating quests

> > I'd rather not have special locks require special picks.  Better
> > lockpicks might give a Dex bonus, or even a skill bonus, but they
> > shouldn't be required.  Allowing special locks to be picked at all is
> > the same problem as Dimension Door.  Then thieves can get to the
> > treasure without having to complete the quest.  Less critical special
> > doors might be pickable, with some high difficulty rating, but not all
> > of them.
>  On one hand, being able to bypass areas of quests with clever use of skills may
> not be a bad thing.  On the other, if thieves could pick the special locks, for
> some maps that means they can pretty much bypass the entire quest.
>  Now there should probably be some difficulty value to picking lock on doors.
> Thus, you could make some doors impossible to pick lock unless you are a high
> level or have the extra lockpicks (since nothing prevents a character from
> re-trying to pick a lock, they can pretty much stand there forever trying to
> pick it).

it actually gives a good place to put group maps: place something nasty
in front of the lock (say a few demilichs or ancient dragons).  you have
to get by the nasty guys before you can even try to pick the lock.  make
the door bash-able for very, very strong folk, and possibly invisible unless
you know where to look.

warriers can get to it with sufficient patience.
magic users can locate it quickly, probably blow it up or
increase their own DEX high enough to pick the lock.
thief is the best way to get in, but he's gotta sneak past
some pretty nasty stuff to get there. some parts of pup_land
have gone pretty far in this direction [which perhaps some
overuse of no-magic areas].  everyone has a chance of getting
through, but the best way is division of labor.

might even be that there are two ways to the treasure: one
with doors that require special picking and very, very 
nasty traps the other via hack-your-way-through path. the
thief gets lots of mental and agility points for completing
his path; the fighter gets lots of physical; mage wants the
mental and agility points and can get them but needs to work
harder at it.  everybody wins.

> > I think you missed the point.  Of course the healing spells can be
> > programmed not to heal monsters.  The difficulty is determining
> > whether the player healed the monster by accident or for some reason
> > really does want to heal it.  I would suggest that healing spells
> > should count aggressive, unfriendly monsters as a miss, but heal
> > friendly or passive monsters normally.
>  Right - I couldn't think of any cases immediately offhand, but I could see
> cases where perhaps a player wanted to heal a monster for some reason.

problem now is that i can end up accidentally healing a dragon
who'se about to snuff out a warrier...  for the number of times
you'd *want* to heal a monster just add a `heal monster' prayer
for the folks that do...  maybe that's the one monsters cast.
the spell could be cone, with falloff as discussed elsewhere.
if you've summoned a zillion pets or holy servants then you
can heal the nearby ones easily.  the rest of us just just need
`heal' or something to get by with each other.

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