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Re: CF: How much cone damage to block (was Re: Footprints)

[David Andrew Michael Noelle]

>   Yes, I'm responding to my own message.  I just listed all the
>   creatures' densities, in kg/square, and I don't think that's going
>   to be a useful number for determining how much of a cone to block.

Why don't we just change the weight in the archetypes so that it makes
more sense?  Does it really matter what the value is?

Well, there are probably maps with buttons which trigger on titans,
and nothing smaller, so some care should be taken.

This will find all occurences of non-standard buttons:

cd mapsdir
find . -type f -print | xargs grep -l '^arch button_' > /tmp/maps

while read m; do awk '/^arch / {l=0} /^arch button_/ {l=1} l&&/^weight/ {exit 1}' $m || echo $m; done < /tmp/maps

These maps should be verified to work after the tweaking.

You might want to check all maps with button_plate as well.

Kjetil T.
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