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Re: CF: more updates soon, comments/votes requested

David Andrew Michael Noelle wrote:
> - Portal spell
> If either of these
> fails, the destination is invalid, and the spell aborts, deleting the
> player's destination marker.

There should be some message telling the player that the spell failed
_for some reason_.  Might even just be "Nothing happens.".
When the spell fails because of an invalid destination, does it count as
fumbled (i.e. are there possible random side effects)?  Does the player
lose mana?

> - Sacred weapons and armour
> Each god now has some sacred weapons, one or two forms of armour, and
> maybe a bow and/or crossbow.  With this change, divine intervention
> (for praying excessively at an altar) has a chance of evoking the
> god's blessing on readied equipment that matches an archetype that god
> prefers.

What about negative effects when the player is wielding the weapon type
of the enemy deity while praying?

> - Hunger and starvation
> Instead of costing one food point per hit point or spell point
> regenerated, food consumption is doubled while regenerating spell
> points and quadrupled while regenerating hit points.

So, when regeneration both hp and sp, is the food consumption still *4?
Or *8?

> Zero food is no
> longer lethal, but -1000 is.  When food drops below zero, a warning is
> printed for every food point consumed, and the lower your food gets
> below zero, the slower your regeneration gets.

One warning per food point? That means that you get each "hungry"
message 250 times before you feel "more hungry". I think a message every
25 food points or so would be more appropriate.
Or just change the scale, so the possible food points are +1000 to -200
or something.

At how much food points does "you blindly grab a bite" happen? Maybe
this has to be fine-tuned, too.

Was having less than zero food possible before?
If no, Are the clients able to handle food <0?  Even if it worked for
you so far, the client code for storing/displaying food should be
Clients should then display all values >0 in black (I think they get red
below a certain amount of food), so there aren't two different "hungry"
states which don't differ in anything except display.

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