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Re: CF: more updates soon, comments/votes requested

> - Word of Recall
> Praying at your god's altar sets the destination for Word of Recall to
> a random space adjacent to that altar.  If you have not prayed at an
> altar, you have no selected destination, so a Word of Recall will
> function as it does now and drop you in the middle of Scorn.

I vote no on this one.  I often consecrate neutral altars so that
I can pray on them.  I'd *HATE* to get Recalled into some of
the places I consecrate.  If you limit to maps with difficulty 0, maybe.

> - Sacred weapons and armour

These are fine so long as the player cannot turn about and sell
these relics for profit.
> - Hunger and starvation
> Instead of costing one food point per hit point or spell point
> regenerated, food consumption is doubled while regenerating spell
> points and quadrupled while regenerating hit points.  Zero food is no
> longer lethal, but -1000 is.  When food drops below zero, a warning is
> printed for every food point consumed, and the lower your food gets
> below zero, the slower your regeneration gets.

How about reducing stats when food drops below 0?  It's fine as it is
though:  you may be amused to hack this in too.

> - Magic Recharge
> Since nobody has said much of anything about my proposed god of magic,

Er, well, I'll comment now.  I've  no problem with the technical stuff:
i.e., places to recharge sp, etc., but I'd prefer they be called (and
thought of) as mage guilds.  I don't think mana works very well as a
special case of godpower:  why should the god of magic be special?
I'd rather see this done as a mercantile operation rather than
a religious one, in other words.

> - Magical / Holy "grenades"
> The Grenade and Holy Handgrenade spells allow mages and priests to
> damage creatures that are otherwise only vulnerable to their pets or
> golems.  The Grenade spell magically creates a physical grenade, so

Well, this sort of goes against what a priest is supposed to be, or
how I envisioned it in the beginning.  Priests are supposed to use
godpower for holy purposes, not random mayhem, and their god will
enforce this.

I argue that since the creation of the random map generator, priests
no longer need a "general" attacktype to advance levels:  we can
randomly generate as much dungeon as they may need to advance.

Giving them a general attacktype just turns them into a weaker sort
of mage rather than a distinct discipline with its own special mission.

I also don't see anything too outstandingly wrong with having worship
of one god be more popular because that god does more "useful" stuff
for his devotees.  I personally go for Valriel every time with
the current mapset:  but there's nothing intrinsically wrong with
any of the religions, just map deficiencies:  i.e., the mapset is deficient,
not the priests.

I would rather see the maps fixed, therefore, and in fact, I wrote
the random map generator with just this issue in mind.  Even with
the current mapset, there's nothing really "wrong" with having one
religion be more useful than others.

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