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Re: CF: Multi-square avatars broken

Jan Echternach wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a long-standing bug somewhere (at least since 0.93.1) that makes
> large avatars almost useless.  For example, if the avatar attacks a dread
> from the east, the dread is killed after a while.  But if the avatar
> attacks from the north, the avatar dies very quickly.

 I'll look at this.  I have a rough idea of what the cause of the problem could

 However, I wonder if it might not just be better to do away with large (multi
square) avatars all together.  The problem being that on many maps, such avatars
are not usable, but even on maps that are, it seems that such large avatars
would make things less friendly in a party environment, as it would block so
much more of the area and harder for players to get their attacks in.
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