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Re: CF: Newbie'ish questions

On Mon, May 29, 2000 at 07:05:05PM +0000, Sean McInerney wrote:
> 1. Can you buy stat potions any more? (potion of strength, con, etc..) 
> because I can't seem to find them in any shops.  I find myself dying quite a 

Only in alchemy shops.  There is a small shop in Scorn and a large shop
in Nurnberg.

> myself back to where I was but I can't find them anywhere.  I seem to come 
> across potions in the game often enough, but it seems about 95% of the time 
> it is I find my stats slipping and slipping and will have to 

Some gods can uncurse potions.

> create another character soon.  On this subject I'm not sure if restoration 
> is a way to bring a stat back, I have tried the restoaration from the 
> healing house but it doesn't seem to help.

You need a potion of restoration (or your god's help).  A restoration
spell doesn't help.

> 3. Praying.  Can you still get benefits from praying?  Like your weapon 
> becoming a slay of your enemy god?  I tried praying for a long time 
> yesterday and got nothing out of it.

Yes.  But it is more restricted now.  For example, the weapon must not
have a title.

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