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Disease spells (fwd)

resending old post that I asume didnt go through:

I just discovered the disease spells and can't help but wonder
if this idea was not very well thought through and/or not very
well tested.

example, my first try with plague, Iv just avatard my way up to lvl20:

I enter the dragonhangar second try, after it ofcoursed crashed the first,
cast my plague through the gates on the dragons behind it, leave the map,
sitt back a couple o seconds and watch my xp double!

Anyone else see a slight factor of bullshitness here?

Second attempt I switchd skill to findtrap after I cast my plague, and
what do you know, all the xp from the monsters that got infected after
I switched ended up in the 'new' skill.

Atleast it doesnt always work to leave the map so sometimes you have to
stay in there and cure your disease every second or so, which is dangerous
as heck if you fail, but this is so friggin overpowered its insain!

Clearing areas in a matter of seconds with almost no risk and being able
to put most of the xp in whatever skill you want might be grounds for
checking this up. 
Atleast if anyone wants this game to be slightly balanced. And it kinda
took the fun out of gaining xp in the 'old fashiond' way since it takes
so ridiculously much longer.

 // MaK