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Re: CF: Newbie'ish questions

On 5/29/00, 10:11:14 PM, "Sean McInerney" <> 
wrote regarding Re: CF: Newbie'ish questions:

> >  But in some sense, it should be that serious.  If the worst thing
> >poisonous
> >food does is to be annoying (loss a few hp), there wouldn't be a huge
> >reason to
> >have it in the game).  Think the same thing with traps - if traps 
were not
> >deadly, but only obnoxious interruptions, having them around doesn't 
> >much to
> >the game.

> So IMO you should get rid of disease then.  This is the worst of any 
> IMO because it is so useless.  It does very little damage and is 
> annoying.  If you have several diseases at once it is really dumb, 
> eggs, explosive farts...I really hate the whole disease idea.

Or at least, reduce the frequency of those trivial, ridiculously-long 
(or even permanent) diseases, or cut their duration to 5-10 disease 
moves, or throw in some debilitating and/or dangerous diseases (for 
debilitating, try flu, maybe leprosy (cha-4? Pain in the shop...) or 
for dangerous, how about the occasional typhoid or bubonic plague?).  
Maybe even add some new diseases.  I'm sure I could come up with some 
good ones (real ones, rather than the whimsical stuff that seems to 
show up on needle traps most of the time, heh heh...).