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2007-01-20 08:54
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aaron_baugher 2007-01-20 08:54 Rev.: 5331

New utility to build wiki monster pages.

This is my first commit of my bwp (build wiki pages) program. The
program works at the moment, except for a sorting issue, but I thought
it'd be easier for anyone who wants to help fix that if the files were
on svn. I plan to add additional features, and welcome suggestions.
Command to compile (on FreeBSD, anyway) is in the comments at the head
of the file.

17 lines of code changed in 9 files:

  • utils/templates/wiki: monster_attack_row (new 1), monster_canuse_row (new 1), monster_entry (new 4), monster_lore_row (new 1), monster_page_foot (new 2), monster_page_head (new 5), monster_protected_row (new 1), monster_special_row (new 1), monster_vulnerable_row (new 1)
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