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Data Fields
BigCell Struct Reference

The struct BigCell describes a tile *outside* the view area. More...

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Data Fields

struct MapCellLayer head
uint8 layer
struct BigCellnext
struct BigCellprev
struct MapCellLayer tail
uint16 x
uint16 y

Detailed Description

The struct BigCell describes a tile *outside* the view area.

head contains the head (as sent by the server), tail contains the expanded big face. tail is *not* set for the head cell, that is (for example) a big face with size 2x3 occupies exactly 6 entries: 1 head and 5 tails.

next and prev for a doubly linked list of all currently active entries. Unused entries are set to NULL.

x, y, and layer contain the position of the cell in the bigfaces[] array. This information allows to find the corresponding bigfaces[] cell when iterating through the next pointers.

Definition at line 85 of file mapdata.c.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 87 of file mapdata.c.

Referenced by expand_clear_bigface_from_layer(), expand_set_bigface(), and mapdata_init().

Definition at line 90 of file mapdata.c.

Referenced by expand_clear_bigface(), expand_set_bigface(), mapdata_bigface(), and mapdata_init().

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