Crossfire Client, Branch  R11627
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x11.h File Reference
#include "client-types.h"
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Data Structures

struct  PixmapInfo


Colormap colormap
Display * display
GC gc_game
uint8 image_size
int map_size
struct PixmapInfopixmaps [MAXPIXMAPNUM]
uint8 updatekeycodes
int updatelock
Window win_game
Window win_message
Window win_root
Window win_stats

Variable Documentation

Colormap colormap
Display* display
GC gc_game
int map_size

Definition at line 204 of file gx11.c.

Referenced by init_windows(), parse_args(), and parse_keybind_line().

Window win_game
Window win_message
Window win_root
Window win_stats