Crossfire Client, Trunk  R20507
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 newclient.hDefines various flags that both the new client and new server use
 client.cClient interface main routine
 client.hIncludes various dependencies header files needed by most everything
 commands.cHandles server->client commands; See player.c for client->server commands
 external.hContains external calls that the common area makes callbacks to
 image.cContains image related functions at a high level
 init.cFunctions for initializing the client
 item.cProvides functions that process items in various ways
 mapdata.cMap processing functions
 metaserver.cDeals with contacting the metaserver, getting a list of hosts, displaying and returning them to calling function, and then connecting to the server when requested
 metaserver.hMetaserver functions and data structures
 misc.cContains misc useful functions that may be useful to various parts of code, but are not especially tied to it
 newsocket.cMade this either client or server specific for 0.95.2 release - getting too complicated to keep them the same, and the common code is pretty much frozen now
 p_cmd.cContains a lot about the commands typed into the client
 p_cmd.hIncludes and prototypes for p_cmd.c for player-commands like '/magicmap'
 player.cHandles various player related functions
 script.cHandles the client-side scripting interface
 account.cHandle account creation, login, and character selection
 config.cImplement client configuration dialog
 create_char.cHandle new character creation
 image.cContains highlevel image related functions and mostly deals with the image caching, processing the image commands from the server, etc
 image.hPixmap data
 info.cText-drawing functions for the message window
 info.hThis file is really here to declare the Info_Pane structure
 inventory.cDraw inventory and 'look' windows
 keys.cHandles most of the keyboard related functions - binding and unbinding keys, and handling keypresses and looking up the keys
 magicmap.cCovers drawing the magic map
 main.cClient startup and main loop
 main.hContains various global definitions and XML file name and path defaults
 map.cHandles map related code in terms of allocation, insertion of new objects, and actual rendering (although the sdl rendering is in the sdl file
 menubar.cSets up menu connections and implements core menu items in the top menubar
 metaserver.cSupports the client's metaserver dialog used to connect to available servers
 opengl.cImplements an opengl version of the map renderer
 pickup.cThis file covers the pickup menu items
 png.cFunctions for manipulating graphics in the GTK-V2 client
 sdl.cFunctions that implement SDL support in the GTK V2 client
 skills.cHandles The callbacks for the skill window
 sound.cThis file contains the sound support for the GTK V2 client
 spells.cHandles spell related functionality
 stats.cSupport for character statistics
 cfsndserv.cImplements a server for sound support in the client using SDL_mixer