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Data Fields
BigCell Struct Reference

The struct BigCell describes a tile outside the view area. More...

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Data Fields

struct MapCellLayer head
guint8 layer
struct BigCellnext
struct BigCellprev
struct MapCellLayer tail
guint16 x
guint16 y

Detailed Description

The struct BigCell describes a tile outside the view area.

head contains the head (as sent by the server), tail contains the expanded big face. tail is not set for the head cell, that is (for example) a big face with size 2x3 occupies exactly 6 entries: 1 head and 5 tails.

next and prev for a doubly linked list of all currently active entries. Unused entries are set to NULL.

x, y, and layer contain the position of the cell in the bigfaces[] array. This information allows to find the corresponding bigfaces[] cell when iterating through the next pointers.

Definition at line 63 of file mapdata.c.

Field Documentation

struct MapCellLayer BigCell::head
guint8 BigCell::layer
struct BigCell* BigCell::next
struct BigCell* BigCell::prev

Definition at line 65 of file mapdata.c.

Referenced by expand_clear_bigface_from_layer(), expand_set_bigface(), and mapdata_init().

struct MapCellLayer BigCell::tail
guint16 BigCell::x
guint16 BigCell::y

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