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Notebook_Info Struct Reference
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Data Fields

const char * name
int(* show_func )(item *it)
const char * tooltip
GtkTreeStore * treestore
GtkWidget * treeview
enum display_type type
const char *const * xpm

Detailed Description

Definition at line 92 of file inventory.c.

Field Documentation

◆ name

const char* Notebook_Info::name

Name of this page, for the show command

Definition at line 93 of file inventory.c.

◆ show_func

int(* Notebook_Info::show_func) (item *it)

Function that takes an item and returns INV_SHOW_* above on whether to show this item and if it should be shown in color

Definition at line 96 of file inventory.c.

Referenced by draw_inv_list().

◆ tooltip

const char* Notebook_Info::tooltip

Tooltip for menu

Definition at line 94 of file inventory.c.

◆ treestore

GtkTreeStore* Notebook_Info::treestore

store of data for treeview

Definition at line 102 of file inventory.c.

Referenced by animate_inventory(), and inventory_init().

◆ treeview

GtkWidget* Notebook_Info::treeview

treeview widget for this tab

Definition at line 101 of file inventory.c.

Referenced by inventory_init().

◆ type

enum display_type Notebook_Info::type

Type of widget

Definition at line 100 of file inventory.c.

◆ xpm

const char* const* Notebook_Info::xpm

Icon to draw for the notebook selector

Definition at line 95 of file inventory.c.

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