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2000-10-16 13:55
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2006-09-19 02:24
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Totals 341 (100.0%) 594 (100.0%) 1.7
peterm 82 (24.0%) 451 (75.9%) 5.5
avogl 16 (4.7%) 79 (13.3%) 4.9
temitchell 51 (15.0%) 30 (5.1%) 0.5
mids 4 (1.2%) 15 (2.5%) 3.7
akirschbaum 1 (0.3%) 10 (1.7%) 10.0
mwedel 167 (49.0%) 9 (1.5%) 0.0
darth_bob 20 (5.9%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

mwedel 2006-09-19 02:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 139 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: cleric.111 (del), cleric.111.png (del), cleric.111.xpm (del), cleric.131 (del), cleric.131.png (del), cleric.131.xpm (del), cleric.151 (del), cleric.151.png (del), cleric.151.xpm (del), cleric.171 (del), cleric.171.png (del), cleric.171.xpm (del), cleric.arc (del), cleric.base.111.png (del), cleric.base.112.png (del), cleric.base.131.png (del), cleric.base.132.png (del), cleric.base.151.png (del), cleric.base.152.png (del), cleric.base.171.png (del), cleric.base.172.png (del), cleric.clsc.111.png (del), cleric.clsc.112.png (del), cleric.clsc.131.png (del), cleric.clsc.132.png (del), cleric.clsc.151.png (del), cleric.clsc.152.png (del), cleric.clsc.171.png (del), cleric.clsc.172.png (del), monk.111 (del), monk.111.png (del), monk.111.xpm (del), monk.131 (del), monk.131.png (del), monk.131.xpm (del), monk.151 (del), monk.151.png (del), monk.151.xpm (del), monk.171 (del), monk.171.png (del), monk.171.xpm (del), monk.arc (del), monk.base.111.png (del), monk.base.112.png (del), monk.base.131.png (del), monk.base.132.png (del), monk.base.151.png (del), monk.base.152.png (del), monk.base.171.png (del), monk.base.172.png (del), monk.clsc.111.png (del), monk.clsc.112.png (del), monk.clsc.131.png (del), monk.clsc.132.png (del), monk.clsc.151.png (del), monk.clsc.152.png (del), monk.clsc.171.png (del), monk.clsc.172.png (del), monk_no_use_weapon.arc (del), paladin.111 (del), paladin.111.png (del), paladin.111.xpm (del), paladin.131 (del), paladin.131.png (del), paladin.131.xpm (del), paladin.151 (del), paladin.151.png (del), paladin.151.xpm (del), paladin.171 (del), paladin.171.png (del), paladin.171.xpm (del), paladin.arc (del), paladin.arc~ (del), paladin.base.111.png (del), paladin.base.112.png (del), paladin.base.131.png (del), paladin.base.132.png (del), paladin.base.151.png (del), paladin.base.152.png (del), paladin.base.171.png (del), paladin.base.172.png (del), paladin.clsc.111.png (del), paladin.clsc.112.png (del), paladin.clsc.131.png (del), paladin.clsc.132.png (del), paladin.clsc.151.png (del), paladin.clsc.152.png (del), paladin.clsc.171.png (del), paladin.clsc.172.png (del), priest.111 (del), priest.111.png (del), priest.111.xpm (del), priest.131 (del), priest.131.png (del), priest.131.xpm (del), priest.151 (del), priest.151.png (del), priest.151.xpm (del), priest.171 (del), priest.171.png (del), priest.171.xpm (del), priest.arc (del), priest.arc~ (del), priest.base.111.png (del), priest.base.112.png (del), priest.base.131.png (del), priest.base.132.png (del), priest.base.151.png (del), priest.base.152.png (del), priest.base.171.png (del), priest.base.172.png (del), priest.clsc.111.png (del), priest.clsc.112.png (del), priest.clsc.131.png (del), priest.clsc.132.png (del), priest.clsc.151.png (del), priest.clsc.152.png (del), priest.clsc.171.png (del), priest.clsc.172.png (del), priestnew.111 (del), priestnew.111.png (del), priestnew.111.xpm (del), priestnew.131 (del), priestnew.131.png (del), priestnew.131.xpm (del), priestnew.151 (del), priestnew.151.png (del), priestnew.151.xpm (del), priestnew.171 (del), priestnew.171.png (del), priestnew.171.xpm (del), priestnew.base.111.png (del), priestnew.base.131.png (del), priestnew.base.151.png (del), priestnew.base.171.png (del), priestnew.clsc.111.png (del), priestnew.clsc.131.png (del), priestnew.clsc.151.png (del), priestnew.clsc.171.png (del)
akirschbaum 2005-11-01 13:54 Rev.: 3966

Add new force archetype monk_no_use_weapon. It will be inserted into
inventories of monk players to prevent them from using weapons.

10 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: monk_no_use_weapon.arc (new 10)
mwedel 2005-08-17 01:37 Rev.: 3552

Patch 1212496 by Kevin Rudat to add client_types to objects that can
be applied.
MSW 2005-08-16

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: paladin.arc (+1)
mwedel 2003-09-12 23:38 Rev.: 2315

Updated for new spell + skill code. Many files moved about.
Main changes for weapons is to add what skill they use.
MSW 2003-09-12

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: paladin.arc (+2 -2)
temitchell 2003-04-03 23:47 Rev.: 2085

- Full four point animation for the Religious folk
- Classic images will have to wait till I'm done the base player

30 lines of code changed in 51 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: cleric.arc (+7 -2), cleric.base.111.png (changed), cleric.base.112.png (new), cleric.base.131.png (changed), cleric.base.132.png (new), cleric.base.151.png (changed), cleric.base.152.png (new), cleric.base.171.png (changed), cleric.base.172.png (new), cleric.clsc.112.png (new), cleric.clsc.132.png (new), cleric.clsc.152.png (new), cleric.clsc.172.png (new), monk.arc (+7 -2), monk.base.111.png (changed), monk.base.112.png (new), monk.base.131.png (changed), monk.base.132.png (new), monk.base.151.png (changed), monk.base.152.png (new), monk.base.171.png (changed), monk.base.172.png (new), monk.clsc.112.png (new), monk.clsc.132.png (new), monk.clsc.152.png (new), monk.clsc.172.png (new), paladin.arc (+6 -1), paladin.base.111.png (changed), paladin.base.112.png (new), paladin.base.131.png (changed), paladin.base.132.png (new), paladin.base.151.png (changed), paladin.base.152.png (new), paladin.base.171.png (changed), paladin.base.172.png (new), paladin.clsc.112.png (new), paladin.clsc.132.png (new), paladin.clsc.152.png (new), paladin.clsc.172.png (new), priest.arc (+10 -5), priest.base.111.png (changed), priest.base.112.png (new), priest.base.131.png (changed), priest.base.132.png (new), priest.base.151.png (changed), priest.base.152.png (new), priest.base.172.png (new), priest.clsc.112.png (new), priest.clsc.132.png (new), priest.clsc.152.png (new), priest.clsc.172.png (new)
mwedel 2003-03-19 02:44 Rev.: 2065

add 'facings' to all the player related arc's. Needed for it to
be compatible with normal object animation.
MSW 2003-03-18

4 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: cleric.arc (+1), monk.arc (+1), paladin.arc (+1), priest.arc (+1)
mwedel 2002-07-14 23:38 Rev.: 1657

Update arcs to use body_info for equipping items.
Update armor to use gen_sp_armour instead of last_heal.
can_use_shield added to necessary arcs.
Add dev/scripts directory, which contains some handy scripts I wrote
for updating on the items.
Add item_power to the armours - needs to be done for rest of equippable
MSW 2002-07-14

2 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: cleric.arc (+1), paladin.arc (+1 -1)
mwedel 2001-12-31 02:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 20 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: cleric.base.111.png (new), cleric.base.131.png (new), cleric.base.151.png (new), cleric.base.171.png (new), monk.base.111.png (new), monk.base.131.png (new), monk.base.151.png (new), monk.base.171.png (new), paladin.base.111.png (new), paladin.base.131.png (new), paladin.base.151.png (new), paladin.base.171.png (new), priest.base.111.png (new), priest.base.131.png (new), priest.base.151.png (new), priest.base.171.png (new), priestnew.base.111.png (new), priestnew.base.131.png (new), priestnew.base.151.png (new), priestnew.base.171.png (new)
darth_bob 2001-12-28 00:46 Rev.: 1482

Mammoth commit here, just added alternate set (now called classic or clsc) to the archs. This is in preperation for support of arbitrary sets.

0 lines of code changed in 20 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: cleric.clsc.111.png (new), cleric.clsc.131.png (new), cleric.clsc.151.png (new), cleric.clsc.171.png (new), monk.clsc.111.png (new), monk.clsc.131.png (new), monk.clsc.151.png (new), monk.clsc.171.png (new), paladin.clsc.111.png (new), paladin.clsc.131.png (new), paladin.clsc.151.png (new), paladin.clsc.171.png (new), priest.clsc.111.png (new), priest.clsc.131.png (new), priest.clsc.151.png (new), priest.clsc.171.png (new), priestnew.clsc.111.png (new), priestnew.clsc.131.png (new), priestnew.clsc.151.png (new), priestnew.clsc.171.png (new)
avogl 2001-03-13 12:31 Rev.: 859

New character images for the standard set,
created by Taporg ("pungaboiter").

19 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: monk.111.png (+4 -12), monk.131.png (+5 -10), monk.151.png (+4 -14), monk.171.png (+6 -11)
avogl 2001-01-27 21:25 Rev.: 748

New pngs by AndreasV and J.Taporg

Set of swall (fence) in png completely redone.
I inserted additional wall-faces for better
look of png maps (so far for: swall, awall, dwall, wall).
These faces are designed to make overlapping walls
with correct iso perspective.

A bunch of new player-class/race pngs.
Looking good... =)

Converted the xpm rune-pics to png without scaling.
Looks much better IMHO.

rest (misc):

A lot of pngs for internal (system) use, and several
other misc pngs.

19 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: paladin.111.png (+4 -3), paladin.131.png (+2 -4), paladin.151.png (+7 -4), paladin.171.png (+6 -4)
mids 2001-01-25 14:45 Rev.: 743

Fixed the PNG images of paladin and flint_and_steel

15 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: paladin.111.png (+3 -5), paladin.131.png (+4 -9), paladin.151.png (+4 -3), paladin.171.png (+4 -9)
avogl 2001-01-15 07:01 Rev.: 706

New pngs by MichToen.

26 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: paladin.111.png (+5 -3), paladin.131.png (+9 -3), paladin.151.png (+3 -4), paladin.171.png (+9 -5)
peterm 2001-01-11 18:59 Rev.: 689

New monk images from DB.

174 lines of code changed in 9 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: monk.111.png (+12 -2), monk.111.xpm (+27 -24), monk.131.png (+10 -5), monk.131.xpm (+33 -28), monk.151.png (+14 -3), monk.151.xpm (+29 -26), monk.171.png (+11 -2), monk.171.xpm (+33 -30), monk.arc (+5 -4)
peterm 2000-12-04 02:18 Rev.: 554

Converted the old "armor" "protected" "vulnerable" and "immune" to
the partial-resistance equivalents.

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: paladin.arc (+2 -1)
avogl 2000-11-18 22:16 Rev.: 508

In cooperation with Micheal T., I started to improve
the png-set. Correcting the worst flaws...
It�s looking better now but still needs lotsa work.

15 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: paladin.111.png (+3 -4), paladin.131.png (+3 -2), paladin.151.png (+4 -3), paladin.171.png (+5 -5)
peterm 2000-10-20 02:07 Rev.: 423

Misordered images fixed.

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: monk.arc (+2 -2)
peterm 2000-10-19 03:26 Rev.: 418

Fixed a typo.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: monk.arc (+1 -1)
peterm 2000-10-18 00:57 Rev.: 412

New images from for Monk.

116 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: monk.111.xpm (+28 -31), monk.131.xpm (+29 -31), monk.151.xpm (+29 -29), monk.171.xpm (+30 -30)
peterm 2000-10-16 13:55 Rev.: 401

Re-adding all the class/race stuff in the reorganized way.

156 lines of code changed in 66 files:

  • trunk/arch/player/class/Religious: cleric.111 (new), cleric.111.png (new), cleric.111.xpm (new), cleric.131 (new), cleric.131.png (new), cleric.131.xpm (new), cleric.151 (new), cleric.151.png (new), cleric.151.xpm (new), cleric.171 (new), cleric.171.png (new), cleric.171.xpm (new), cleric.arc (new), monk.111 (new), monk.111.png (new 2), monk.111.xpm (new 31), monk.131 (new), monk.131.png (new 5), monk.131.xpm (new 31), monk.151 (new), monk.151.png (new 3), monk.151.xpm (new 29), monk.171 (new), monk.171.png (new 2), monk.171.xpm (new 30), monk.arc (new 4), paladin.111 (new), paladin.111.png (new 4), paladin.111.xpm (new), paladin.131 (new), paladin.131.png (new 2), paladin.131.xpm (new), paladin.151 (new), paladin.151.png (new 3), paladin.151.xpm (new), paladin.171 (new), paladin.171.png (new 5), paladin.171.xpm (new), paladin.arc (new 1), paladin.arc~ (new), priest.111 (new), priest.111.png (new), priest.111.xpm (new), priest.131 (new), priest.131.png (new), priest.131.xpm (new), priest.151 (new), priest.151.png (new), priest.151.xpm (new), priest.171 (new), priest.171.png (new), priest.171.xpm (new), priest.arc (new 4), priest.arc~ (new), priestnew.111 (new), priestnew.111.png (new), priestnew.111.xpm (new), priestnew.131 (new), priestnew.131.png (new), priestnew.131.xpm (new), priestnew.151 (new), priestnew.151.png (new), priestnew.151.xpm (new), priestnew.171 (new), priestnew.171.png (new), priestnew.171.xpm (new)
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