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devourers Namespace Reference


def do_give ()
def do_timer ()


 color = Crossfire.MessageFlag.NDI_BROWN
 command = Crossfire.WhatIsMessage()
 event = Crossfire.WhatIsEvent()
 pl = Crossfire.WhoIsActivator()
 whoami = Crossfire.WhoAmI()
 whoisother = Crossfire.WhoIsOther()

Detailed Description

This script is part of the Witherspoon quest, that starts in /scorn/mansion/witherspoon_manor_attic.
Check the README file in the same directory as this file for more details.

Script for the priest of Devourers in Scorn.

Will handle the 'give' event to examine the dagger or money, and various events.

This script should be called for the 'TIMER', 'TIME' and 'custom' events.

Function Documentation

◆ do_give()

def devourers.do_give ( )
Player gives an item to the priest.

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Referenced by do_timer().

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◆ do_timer()

def devourers.do_timer ( )
Priest finished examining the item.

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References do_give().

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Variable Documentation

◆ color

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◆ command

devourers.command = Crossfire.WhatIsMessage()

◆ event

devourers.event = Crossfire.WhatIsEvent()

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◆ pl = Crossfire.WhoIsActivator()

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◆ whoami

devourers.whoami = Crossfire.WhoAmI()

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◆ whoisother

devourers.whoisother = Crossfire.WhoIsOther()

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