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Crossfire v0.88.0 released

Crossfire v0.88 has been released.  It can be fetched by anonymous ftp
to, in the file "/pub/crossfire/crossfire-0.88.0.tar.Z".
A new set of maps is also available in the file

Due to the size of the changes, there will be no diff-files.

There has been several additions since v0.87.8, many of these have been
by different contributors (all of whom are on this mailinglist).
See "crossfire -v" for a list of all who have contributed majorly with
Documentation of the changes since 0.87.8 is close to non-existant.
Sorry, will try to improve this in the future...

Unfortunately, crossfire isn't as stable as I'd wished it to be before
the 0.88 release, but I gave myself X-mas as the last possible deadline.

Please note that the local staff is doing system maintainance nowadays, thus
if the ftp-site or the mailing-list is down, give it time.

If you release diffs while I'm gone, please abide by the following:
- Don't mail the diffs to the list, rather put them at and
  notify the list.
- Change something in the file version.h, for instance #define PATCH ".4-xxx"
- Add comments in the DONE file.
- If it contains major additions, please encase it in "#ifdef XXX"'s, and put
  an appropriate "#define XXX", with comments, in config.h.

I'll be back sometime early in January.  Merry X-mas!


P.S.   Don't reply to .  Use .
P.P.S. Naturally requests to crossfire-request will be queued until my return.