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Re: state of crossfire

>         I compiled crossfire some time ago (cool program!) on our
> system here, and I also subscribed to this mailing list, but I have
> seen any messages on the list.  

The volume has been quite low lately.  If you look at the file
/pub/crossfire/crossfire.mail.Z at, it contains all
messages up to this date (excluding yours and this one).

>         Is development still continuing on crossfire?  Or has it
> stopped at version 0.87.8?

As announced a short while ago, there is a alpha 0.88 version.
To keep it a bit out of the way of people who only want to play
but doesn't like segmentation faults now and then, I've put it
in the /pub/crossfire/beta/release directory (though I admit the
0.87.8 version had some fatal bugs as well).
I haven't had much time to work on crossfire, but several
other contributors have added lots of new stuff to the game as well.

Unfortunately I'm leaving net-land for X-mas vacation the coming sunday...
I'll try to get a fairly stable 0.88.0 and call it official no matter
what before I leave.