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Re: monster movement

Rupert G. Goldie wrote:
> Do either of the editors support the connection of switches/buttons to
> monsters ? Will it be possible to attach monsters to other monsters ?
> That way we could have guards who will attack if you attack the guildmaster.

That haven't been added yet, but it will be fixed to work that way.
Was a little early with the doc-file (gasp!).

> Maybe monsters could have a `cry_out n' flag which will attract other 
> monsters within n squares if you attack them (that way if you attack someone
> you may soon have a horde of defenders upon you).
> While I agree that the man and woman archetypes should be unaggressive, I 
> think the fighter, ninja, etc should not be. Several maps have them placed 
> assuming they will be aggressive and it is way too easy to attack them one 
> at a time while the others just stand there. 

Thas has been added to patchlevel 6.  Now unaggressive monsters cry
for help from other unaggressive monsters nearby.

By the way, Karl Holland made some additional and more interresting
ways for monsters to move.  Cut from the pl6-version of crossfire.doc:

#define DISTATT 1       /*attack from a distance - good for missile users only*/
#define RUNATT  2       /* run but attack if player catches up to object      */
#define HITRUN  3       /* run to then hit player then run away cyclicly      */
#define WAITATT 4       /* wait for player to approach then hit, move if hit  */
#define RUSH    5       /*Rush toward player blindly, similiar to dumb monster*/
#define ALLRUN  6       /*always run never attack good for sim. of weak player*/

I've set the variable "attack_type" to one of those for several monsters
in the archetype file, so be careful when next patchlevel comes out 8)