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monster movement

I thought it was really cool when I found this in crossfire.doc: 

]An NPC can have any combination of the following programs (flags):
]FLAGS: (They are checked in the following order:)
]  - sleep		(will stand still until woken)
]  - scared		(will run away)
]  - random_movement	(move randomly)
]  - friendly		(will attack enemies of the nearest player)
]  - unaggressive	(don't attack until attacked)
]  - stand_still		(don't ever move)
]In addition, switches/buttons can be connected to monsters, thus waking
]them up when the switch is turned.

NPCs are becoming more and more interesting as they get smarter and 
display different behaviours. I do have some questions and comments

 Do either of the editors support the connection of switches/buttons to
monsters ? Will it be possible to attach monsters to other monsters ?
That way we could have guards who will attack if you attack the guildmaster.

Maybe monsters could have a `cry_out n' flag which will attract other 
monsters within n squares if you attack them (that way if you attack someone
you may soon have a horde of defenders upon you).

While I agree that the man and woman archetypes should be unaggressive, I 
think the fighter, ninja, etc should not be. Several maps have them placed 
assuming they will be aggressive and it is way too easy to attack them one 
at a time while the others just stand there. 

Rupert G. Goldie,