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  What about extending a little bit the "drop" (i-e Right Button) command ?
It would be nice to be able to "drop (unpaid)" or "drop all" (to empty either
inventory or bag, depending on the current display), even nicer to
mimic nethack so that you could "drop all (unwielded) weapons", "drop all 
valuables (gold and gems alike)", "drop all (unworn) armours" and so on...

  By the way I've had a minor display bug (which I've been utterly unable
to trace, and even to reproduce) when applying bags which messed things in my 
inventory (some bitmaps were partly erased, blank lines appeared where items
stood...). A refresh in the display fixed the thing, but anytime I applied a 
bag again in this game, it occured again. I also sometimes end up with negative
weight bags which are a real blessing until you try to save your character,
at what time the whole thing loops until your file system is full or you kill
it before...