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Re: <KB>

>   What about extending a little bit the "drop" (i-e Right Button) command ?
> It would be nice to be able to "drop (unpaid)" or "drop all" (to empty either
> inventory or bag, depending on the current display), even nicer to
> mimic nethack so that you could "drop all (unwielded) weapons", "drop all 
> valuables (gold and gems alike)", "drop all (unworn) armours" and so on...

A parser will be made sooner or later, thus the text-window will become
much like a typical adventure-game.  And you can still program push-keys
to text which you would use often (like "drop all unpaid").

There is one think I *don't* intend to copy from nethack: The way it
uses all the keys on the keyboard; one key-combination  for each thing
that can be done...
I try to keep the userinterface real simple.

>   By the way I've had a minor display bug (which I've been utterly unable
> to trace, and even to reproduce) when applying bags which messed things in my 
> inventory (some bitmaps were partly erased, blank lines appeared where items
> stood...). A refresh in the display fixed the thing, but anytime I applied a 
> bag again in this game, it occured again.

I know about that bug, it's caused by one of the XClearArea() calls in
draw_inventory(), but I've been unable to figure out what causes it to
flip out so totally.  The fact that this happens so rarely and randomly,
and that I had a fit of obfuscation when making that function, doesn't
make it any simpler...

> I also sometimes end up with negative
> weight bags which are a real blessing until you try to save your character,
> at what time the whole thing loops until your file system is full or you kill
> it before...

Those two are not connected.  The first bug has been "taken care of",
the second is still being investigated...


P.S.  Added "wand of polymorph" and "scroll of charging" last night 8)