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Newbie. . .


	Hello, I just discovered Crossfire a few weeks ago;  I've
	tried subscribing to this list by mailing to the request,
	but I have yet to receive a response back or any messages
	(I've sent two subscribe requests in the last three days).

	So, my first question (somewhat rhetorical, since I could be
	talking to myself :)) is "Is this list still around and if so,
	how do I get on it?"

	My other question has to do with how people manage their
	games.  Obviously, the "standard" maps on Crossfire would take
	*months* to complete, but the game doesn't seem to permit you
	to quit and save your character.  If the server crashes, I
	noticed it does an emergency save (Which seems to work for all
	but the first player who entered the game) of the character
	file, but it doesn't save the current world maps, so the next
	time you start up, your character can be in a very
	uncomfortable situation. . .

	The only way I can figure keeping the Maps alive was to keep
	the server going constantly, which I'd rather not do.

	Also, I cannot seem to get the program to load the fonts.
	I've done  mkfontdir, and the snf and pcf files are there, but
	it fails with:

	Trying to fix fontpath for display :0.0.
	Failed, switching to pixmaps (this might take a while).

 	Of course, the Pixmaps work fine.

	Below is the output of crossfire -o in case that would help
	answer any of the above questions:
Welcome to CrossFire, v0.89.2, copyright (C) 1992 Frank Tore Johansen.
Non-standard include files:
Secure:         <true>
Logging:                <true>
Libdir:         /usr/local/lib/crossfire
Perm file:      <LIB>/forbid
Shutdown file:  <LIB>/shutdown
Save player:    <true>
Save mode:      0600
Playerdir:      <LIB>/players
Save homedir:   <false>
Lock player:    <true>
Use checkTmpdir:         /tmp
Fontdir:        /usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/misc/cross
Compress:       /local/bin/compress
Uncompress:     /local/bin/uncompress
Map timeout:    80
Map reset:      7200
Max objects:    3000
Use_calloc:     <false>
Speed_game:     <true>
Use_los:        <true>
CD los:         <true>
CHRFONT:        <false>
Use_swap_stats: <true>
Editor:         /usr/local/bin/emacs
Server:         <true>
Port:           13326
Max_time:       120000
SunOS marlin 4.1.3 1 sun4m
sum:   <true>

Dave "The Dave" Lopata                               
Dept. of Statistics Computer Systems Guy                (904)392-1941 233
University of Florida                                      Beep: 339-7044