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Re: potions


> Quick question.  Are potion effects permanent?  (like prot. vs fire, increase
> abilities...)

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> Denis Papp      _  __    _                         

Potions which affect str,con,dex,wis,cha, or int are permanent (providing the  
potions are applied when you do not have special items on, otherwise the  
potions may not take properly (ie., game engine thinks your str is beyond your  
maximum and therefore does not apply the str increase)).  Also, these potions  
will sometimes affect you addversely (toss of the die) and you should know that  
the potions will not increase your attributes beyond the max for your character  
class (ie. Ninja cannot get base str beyond 22 with potions, however, when  
Ninja has base of 22, items can be now used to increase it up to 25 (such as  
Holy Avenger (str+1, ...))).  As for the other types of potions, I don't know  
for sure, but I think not (for instance, I know a potion of , say, levitation  
isn't permanent or I'd be in a lot of trouble).

Kenneth Brunsen