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Re: Arch not found...

Klaus Elbernd:
> Perhaps you might consider making a realclean or distclean target.

That would still not solve the problem, because the archetypes and
crossfire.cfb etc. *are* a part of the distribution.  One way of
solving this though, is to put a lib/Imakefile with a new distclean
rule into the arch.tar.gz package. The Imakefiles should generally not
be modified by the user, so this may not be so bad, it's mainly a
problem to write the rules in the "make package" :-)

A realclean can delete anything, but they tend to be unpopular because
people tend to think that they have everything necessary to
rebuild. E.g. - do you have perl? Do you have netpbm?

Scott Iverson:
> I don't see the problem if you remove those files from the source's
> lib dir and not the crossfire binary's lib dir.

Here the two lib dirs are the same, with the help of a symbolic
link. Keeping to copies would be a large waste of disc space for

Kjetil T.