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Re: maps and creativity

From: Peter Mardahl <>

>   What I'm basically saying is that I'd really hate it if every server
> had the exact same set of maps!

Me too, if I just could find servers to play :(. But I also hate if all
best maps are just in the servers running somewhere US. :) 

>   I think it'd be ideal if everyone had their own high-level maps,
> and took a little time to integrate other maps into a larger picture.

Of course, but you clearly speak those who admins public servers. But 
(most?) play local server and they haven't time, skill, etc. create their 
own maps. And only thing what players directly see is the maps, so
they deside how good crossfire is based on maps, and that is very
important that standard map set is good.  Client/server makes things
little better but it doesn't remove the problem.

> I propose this:  a central location to get smaller maps of various levels
> for plugging into your own customized server-world, and archive these
> by level of difficulty.

Good idea. Note that every map author has his/her rights to decide, if
(s)he makes them available all or only some server. And still standard 
distribution should have large enough to get feel large world. This 
of course doesn't mean that every map should go in the standard 

[directory heirarchy and an example abstract deleted]

In archive it probably is the best that there is only one tar packet 
and abstract file per area/building/quest. And index file contains
one line description all areas in archive. quick example:

demons.tar.Z	The demonlord challange (5 maps)		10+ level

In tar file has all maps needed and those maps should use the relative
path names so it can be put anywhere in maps directory. All exits 
leaving/coming to area should documented in abstract. Also abstract can 
mention in which version of crossfire they work and if non standard 
archetypes/code is needed. Although I wish that all code/archetypes which 
are generally useful go directly standard distribution. Also it's best to
check that every map has message which tells map name and author at least.

>   This idea is only half-baked, so I'd welcome comments.  Anyone willing
> to maintain a map archive?  I'd do it, except I prefer to code.  This is
> a perfect project for a non-coder.  Probably to start someone should
> just collect and write (where necessary) abstracts.

I think everyone who wants include his/her maps to archive, has best write 
his own description files and offer the maps in archive. Nothing prevent 
standard distribution maps being available in map archieve in area basis 
if authors wish that.