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Re: Xpm compile error, help please?

Mike D Jenkins wrote:
> When compiling crossfire 0.90.1 on a Sun10 running SunOS 4.1.x, X11R5,
> make gave the error:
> ld: Undefined symbol 
>    _XpmCreatePixmapFromBuffer 

Get a newer version of xpm, from any X archive site. XPM 3.2g or 3.3 will do.

(is this in the install docs? maybe the install could be smart and check
what version it is?)

Petri Heinil{ wrote:
> The order of libraries declared is wrong; the Xpm depends from X11,
> so the X11 have to come after Xpm. The order should be:
> -lcross -lXpm -lX11 .
> I think the order of -L -flags is not important, but this might
> be also compiler depend issue.

On every compiler I've seen, the order _is_ important. -L only takes
effect for libraries later on the command line, and multiple -L's are
only processed as they are found in the command line.