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Xpm compile error, help please?

When compiling crossfire 0.90.1 on a Sun10 running SunOS 4.1.x, X11R5,
make gave the error:

gcc -ansi -Wall -o crossfire apply.o attack.o daemon.o encounter.o hiscore.o init.o input.o login.o main.o monster.o move.o obwin.o pets.o player.o shop.o socket.o sounds.o spells.o swamp.o swap.o time.o xio.o -O -pipe  -L/usr/local/X11R5/lib -L../common -lcross -lXpm -lX11   
ld: Undefined symbol 

The file /usr/local/X11R5/lib/libXpm.a exists.

Any ideas?

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