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Re: Status of xfire. Client/server.

| Wrong.  The main problem is in the current xfire, you are sending
| all the X crap over the network.  I don't think that many of you
| on the list have a good understanding of how fast good client
| server code can be.  (I know many of you do however...)  Check
| out Netrek if you have any doubts about it being done.  A typical
| client to server netrek connection generates about a meg of traffic
| in a bit over an hour (if I recall correctly).
Actually all that is required to boost performance is not to have the
server control the X service. Instead it should talk to a proper
client program and send the character codes for the display, and what to
type in the messages and inventory box. Let the client handle the
actual display.

This would also be more secure as you would not need to xhost permission
to your display to the servers machine -- a dangerous practice.
And can be done without removing the X server support it currently has,
just adding a new mode.

EG: add a command   protocol  to tell the server to either open 
a display on the add command, or send to the client the drawing
info it needs to do the job.  As an example look at the `international go'
server on 

and its `client' mode

  Anthony Thyssen ( System Programmer )
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