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Re: Status of xfire. Client/server 3d.

Karim did suggest:
>                                         I was also thinking
>of redoing the interface, make it 3D.  Much like Ulitma Underworld
>or Doom.
There are two major pitfalls with this idea.
1) 3D would be _much_ slower than the present (just think how much
   more you have to do to calculate line-of-sight in 3D!!)
2) games like Doom get banned for their _IMMENSE_ network loading!!!
   (crossfire almost suffered the same fate, but for the factthat not
   many people actually play it here, and I managed to get root to
   agree to out of hours playing only!)

However, the client/server would be an enhancement to the n-th degree,
but would also mean that it would be even longer until the game was

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