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Re: Status of xfire. Client/server 3d.

> Karim did suggest:
> >                                         I was also thinking
> >of redoing the interface, make it 3D.  Much like Ulitma Underworld
> >or Doom.
> There are two major pitfalls with this idea.
> 1) 3D would be _much_ slower than the present (just think how much
>    more you have to do to calculate line-of-sight in 3D!!)

Wrong.  The main problem is in the current xfire, you are sending
all the X crap over the network.  I don't think that many of you
on the list have a good understanding of how fast good client
server code can be.  (I know many of you do however...)  Check
out Netrek if you have any doubts about it being done.  A typical
client to server netrek connection generates about a meg of traffic
in a bit over an hour (if I recall correctly).

As others have stated, the 3D part depends on the engine that is 
running it and the client.  With the move to client/server, if done
right, writing a (DOS/MAC/amiga/C64/whatever) client should really
not be *that* hard.

> 2) games like Doom get banned for their _IMMENSE_ network loading!!!
>    (crossfire almost suffered the same fate, but for the factthat not
>    many people actually play it here, and I managed to get root to
>    agree to out of hours playing only!)
As Tyler stated, the first implementation of netdoom was messed up.  It
is much better know, and dosen't impact the network nearly as much.

> However, the client/server would be an enhancement to the n-th degree,
> but would also mean that it would be even longer until the game was
> stable!!!
> Ben.