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Re: CF: proposed docs

On Tue 25 June, Brian Thomas said:

>	... Comments
>	on the contents (add/delete/??) are encouraged...
>	*******************************************************************
>	*******************************************************************
>	Document Uno -- CF Player's Handbook
> 	------------------------------------
>	V. Appendices
>	    A. List of player commands (and desc of each)
>	    B. List of player spells (by level/type. Refer to other doc
>		for full description) 
And of course (given the relative frequency of questions about it on this
            C. List of servers/how to find a list of servers, how to
               connect to a server (all methods), how to set up a server, 
               crossfire protocols/etiquette (re. player killing, lag etc.).

This all sounds great.  If you have a small section that you want to
delegate (ploughing through spells, player etiquette, format of output
from commands like "maps", "skills", etc.) then I'll help.  (Don't tell
my boss, I'm supposed to be busy :).


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