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CF: proposed docs (longish)

	Hi all, 

	I would like to propose some new documentation for CF. Comments
	on the contents (add/delete/??) are encouraged. I have 3 documents
	in mind, respectively the 1st and 2nd are for players and the 3rd 
	is an update to the developers document -- crossfire.doc. In terms
	of format, I plan some sort of image-embedded postscript (latex)
	layout for the 1st (and 2nd?) document(s) and continue to use an
	ascii document for crossfire.doc. Below I give my philosophical
	agenda and a potential outline (and/or changes) for each. 


	Document Uno -- CF Player's Handbook

	The main thrust of this document will be to initiate new players
	into CF, hopefully making the learning curve smoother. Information
	should be sufficiently generalized so that the document only needs
	minimal updating between versions. Some information of use to more
	advanced players could be included.

	Outline for Player's Handbook

	I. Introduction -- 
	    Quick desc of CF, whats in the handbook, suggested
	    things to read first (ie recipe to startout). Mention
	    crossfire mailing lists (where you can find help, 
	    and report bugs..).

	II. Character Generation --
	    Steps to create a character, choosing a character (table of 
	    characters, like spoiler, but outline equip and skills too), 
	    hints on character selection (ie style of play fits what
	    character type).

	III. Playing CF -- 

	     A. Basics --

		How to move, how to fight, how to get help, how to use
		items (weild/wear/eat/etc), how to cast spells/prayers,
		how to shoot a bow. How to buy things. How to talk to
		other players/NPCs. How to exit the game gracefully. 
	     B. Skills and Experience --

		How to use skills (eg stealing, id skills, reading, hiding, 
		movement skills, oratory, and singing). About gaining 
		experience and advancing in levels. What does "score" mean.
	     C. About Combat --

		Attacktypes, immunities/vuln/protected status. Armour class,
		weapon class, armour, speed (move/weapon), hitpoints, death. 
		Skills you need to fight. How worn armour effects movement/
	     D. About Magic --

		The 2 types of magic: spells/prayers. How to recover grace
		and mana. Praying to a god/becoming a worshipper. How gods
		and magic items can influence magic casting (eg magic paths). 
		Special prayers you need to know about. What skills you need 
		to cast magic/use rods/wands/etc. Learning spells/prayers.

	     E. Grabbag of more advanced stuff --

		Binding commands/changing key definitions. Using invoke. 
		The simple party system. (if ALCHEMY is to 
		use a cauldron to make items)

	IV. Hints for playing CF.

		Places to visit/things to do at early/medium levels (eg 
		go to the "basic house", "newbie tower", buy some real 
		armour, buy/learn some spells). Save your character often
		on servers, etc. Reading books for server-specific changes. 
		Strategies for minimizing death and gaining exp. Save a 
		load--change your money at the bank..etc. 

	V. Appendices

	    A. List of player commands (and desc of each)
	    B. List of player spells (by level/type. Refer to other doc
		for full description) 


	Document Dos -- "Tome of magic" and "Book of Prayers".

	Lets update this w/ new spells and changes to older ones.


	Document Tres -- "crossfire.doc" reborn.

	Edit the current crossfire.doc. Merge in notes from skills_dev.doc,
	Multigod.doc, and update current notes. Also include information
	on how to use the check_inv, moodfloor archetypes. Hints on using
	the editor (?)