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CF: how to connect to a crossfire server....

Hi crossfire player!

I didn't receive any answer to my previous mail: may be because you didn't
get it. So I try to send it again...

I'm sorry to bother you all but I'd like to know how is it possible to play
crossfire on a server recheable by internet. 
Until last year a friend of mine had a compiled version of the server in the
local network of our office, and I used to play on it. This year he couldn't 
mantein it because of some problems and I stopped playing it for about 6
monthes. Few days ago looking on the net with netscape for a graphical mud I
found a reference to Crossfire. How is it possible to play it on a server
somewhere on the net?
I use a workstation HP 735 not directly connected to internet, and from it I 
do telnet on our sun worstation which exit on internet. Usually I
prefer xterm.
Thanks you in advance for your reply.
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 *                   Paola Caluri                                    *
 *                   CSELT - TORINO - ITALIA                         *
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