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Re: CF: how to connect to a crossfire server....

On Jun 18,  4:14pm,  wrote:
> Subject: CF: how to connect to a crossfire server....
> Hi crossfire player!
> I didn't receive any answer to my previous mail: may be because you didn't
> get it. So I try to send it again...
> I'm sorry to bother you all but I'd like to know how is it possible to play
> crossfire on a server recheable by internet.
> Until last year a friend of mine had a compiled version of the server in the
> local network of our office, and I used to play on it. This year he couldn't
> mantein it because of some problems and I stopped playing it for about 6
> monthes. Few days ago looking on the net with netscape for a graphical mud I
> found a reference to Crossfire. How is it possible to play it on a server
> somewhere on the net?
> I use a workstation HP 735 not directly connected to internet, and from it I
> do telnet on our sun worstation which exit on internet. Usually I
> prefer xterm.
> Thanks you in advance for your reply.
> Paola
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 I am unclear on several things.  What exactly do you mean by not directly
connected to the internet?

 Normal way to play is to telnet to  a crossfire server, and type 'add <your
display name>'.  That is all there is to it (you may want to set some other
options, but taht isn't required.)

 This does require that your display is somewhat connected to the interent -
that is, connected enough so that the remote server can open a connection to
it.  That tends to mean that if you are behind a firewall, things don't work.

 So whether you can actually connect or not depends on how you are connected to
the internet.