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CF: Re: Bug?

> From: Klaus Elsbernd writes:
> Hello;
> I realised two strange things:
> - a full helmet of Dark Vision +2 (ac+1) (armour+11)(infravision)
>   has no value.

	Definitely a 'bug'. I forgot to put a value multiplier in 
	the artifact definition, the default multiplier is '0' so
	you can see what that gets you :). Here's how the entry 
	should look:

Allowed full helmet,helmet
chance 1
Object Dark Vision
type 34
value 800
can_see_in_dark 1

> - if you kill a dread, then you get an eye, which you could use to 
>   by a polished shield., but now (applyed alchemy) you get the eye
>   two if you only kill a beholder. That doesn't seem right to me.
>   Perhaps there should be two different eyes. One, which you can use for
>   the polished shield, and one for the beholder.
	Oh, I thought about this when I was making up the 'flesh' parts.
	I flip-floped back and forth over the right way, but overall,
	I don't think its a big play difference since anyone with a 
	wand of summon elemental could kill a dread with little difficulty
	(I still think the dread should have a higher speed or lower xp
	value). You still have to pay the huge amount of platinum for the 
	shield; this was always the big hurdle for my characters..


> MfG
> Klaus
> ps: very nice pixmaps