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Re: CF: Crossfire crashes

> From: GESTIONNAIRE DU Casino writes:
> On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Brian Thomas wrote:
> > 	I posted some patches a few weeks back that appeared to 
> > 	fix the problem for most people. Did you apply them too?
> > 
> > 	Look for the patches in the file lit.tar.gz in /pub/thomas
> > 	on 
	Yes, I believe thats right, but you must be using CF 0.92.3, no?
	(thats what lit.tar.gz was supposed to patch). If you applied
	this patch to 0.92.4, well, problems could occur (mostly because
	the code might have been "unpatched"). I know that there 
	was a bug in the gods code that caused crashing in that 
	version (NROFGODS was 6, not '5'). Also, in the gods[] array
	there is an extra element, "terminator" that should be 
	removed, im not sure I informed the list about this (I know
	Mark is aware of it). Check these things in your code. 
	If you are running a server, it would help alot for me to see
	the last page or so of the log before the game crashes. 

	I believe that there are so many patches out there now, that 
	people are getting confused. As far as I know, the *only* 
	patches you need to play 0.92.4 is the skill0.92.4.tar.gz
	stuff. There is an indication that this singular patch 
	*might* cause a crash, but I havent seen it in my code yet
	(~2 hrs of play, no crash). I did see some crashing in another
	server (that has 0.92.4 code) but I am still waiting to 
	here from the maintainer what patches they have applied and
	perhaps a peak at their server log.

	Again, please inform me of your patch level. Otherwise, its 
	fairly hard to diagnose the problem.