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CF: alchemy v1 hack available

	Hey all,

	Well, it took me several months to iron things out, but I 
	believe Im finished (no fatal crashes apparent, hack appears
	moderately playbalanced). Essentially, this code allows 
	players to make artifacts (mostly 'potions') from ingredients
	they assemble. The interface for players is pretty simple.

        The amount of work I put into this was substantial; other than
        new code -- I created new archetypes, revised archetypes, altered the
        treasures file and created 2 new object types and a flag.

        It therefore may be enjoyable to install this patch (incl code)
        and *not* define ALCHEMY in define.h. In particular, this patch
        does the following things:
         1) more varieties of potions are available in shops.
         2) new gems and types of food.
         3) monsters will now leave behind body parts when you kill them.
         4) if ALCHEMY is defined players may make potions/artifacts.
        I have included instructions for installation and a brief
	document describing the code and its use by players. 

	As always, feedback is appreciated. 


ps. 	Geez, almost forgot to tell everyone where to find this...Look in in pub/thomas. The file is "alchemy1.tar.gz".