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Re: CF: pray/claw/magic xp

>> This does, however, make change_skill silently fail when you try to use
>> a non-existent skill.  
>Hmm. 'fail' == a crash for me. I would much rather have the code
>say something stupid like 'you have no knowledge of clawing' when
>you request a non-existent skill. 

Oops, sorry about that.  By the time I re-read that and decided that fail
was too strong of a word, I had already mailed it off...  I really just
meant it failed to print a response message.

>> But it looks it would relatively ugly to have it generate a sensible error 
>> message.
>I will work on trying to fix this tonight. Ill post patches to 
>the mailing list (and make a complete tarfile).

Very nice of you.  Actually I already got the patches (the joys of sleeping
during the day), they look good.  I like the message you ended up with,
since by that point we don't have the original string around.

So are you still having the original problem with magic xp??  Or does it
seem to have been fixed in the shuffle?

>					-b.t