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Re: CF: pray/claw/magic xp

> From: 
> >tonight. The short patch below should be applied to skill_util.c,
> >or alternatively, edit lib/skill_params so that all '#' lines
> >are removed.
> Actually, there appears too be more to it than that, first of all,
> in read_skill_params(), skill_name was being declared as skill_name[30],
> but used in the fgets as if it were skill_name[50].  Not only this, but
> if the '#' comments were over 50 chars (as the third line in the default
> skill_params file) then it would pickup half the line, then the second half
> [snip]

	Ah, good point, I hadnt caught this. 80 chars sounds reasonable.

> Also, lookup_skill_by_name wasn't properly returning -1 when a skill name
> wasn't found.  Enclosed is a patch for this as well.  Alternatively,
> you could change [snip]
	Hmm. Ive never seen a failure on this accord... Ill go check it 
	out. Change_skill is basically one of 3 'backbone' routines 
	of the skills system. It would not be good to allow it to not be
	robust; the changes should be made in lookup_skill_by_name().

	Also, I think we should coordinate a patch... Having patches
	to patches is icky. I will try to put a 'correct' patch together
	as a tar file in anonymous ftp. Ill post when its ready.

> Just out of curiosity (since I am pretty new to this list), is mailing to this
> list considered an adequate form of bug/patch submission, or to I need to mail
> Mark seperately?
	I sometimes post to the list, mark or mark/list. The last option 
	is redundant since Im 99.9999% sure he's on the crossfire mailing