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Re: CF: pray/claw/magic xp

> From:  writes:
> Also, lookup_skill_by_name wasn't properly returning -1 when a skill name
> wasn't found.  Enclosed is a patch for this as well.  Alternatively,
> you could change [snip] 
> This does, however, make change_skill silently fail when you try to use
> a non-existent skill.  

	Hmm. 'fail' == a crash for me. I would much rather have the code
	say something stupid like 'you have no knowledge of clawing' when
	you request a non-existent skill. 

> But it looks it would relatively ugly to have it generate a sensible error 
> message.
	I will work on trying to fix this tonight. Ill post patches to 
	the mailing list (and make a complete tarfile).