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CF: 0.92.6 - spell bug?

Hi there.

We've been playing crossfire for ages but this new version has few very 
bad problems. Cone spells bug.

Player goes into an area, leaves it and goes in the area again, and after 
that spellcasting monsters start to bug. Cone spells have a range of 1 
square. If one area starts to bug, all areas do the same. This makes the game 
very unbalanced and easy .. we tried to compile with diffrent 
spellcasting options, it still bugs.

Also the game crashes very often, without any error messages.
Just "SIGSEGV received ..blah" (when running with -d -mon options)
It seems that teleporters bug somehow.

This new version crashes often, with more than 4 players it's not 
possible to do any quests or anything, the uptime is probably less than 
15 minutes. With +6 players it's hardly up for 5 mins or stuff.

Btw, try to identify zombie corpses and sell 'em. I did ~20k platinium 
coins when I was at level 5 :-P

++Samuli Tursas