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Re: CF: max stats

> Are you sure your natural stats are being raised above that, or might some
>other items also be increasing the stats?
> The command stats or statistics will show your natural stat, current stat,
>max natural stat.  This is the best way to determine where your stats are
>relative to their maximum level.

If I unapply everything, and issue the "statistics" command, it tells
me that my "real" stats are all one point higher than my "natural"

Not that I mind higher stats, of course!

> If you were fighting something that depletes you, you then need to have
>restoration (potion or spell) on you.  Depletion lowers the stats, but can not
>be removed by stat raising potions.

No, I've tried restoration potions (having bought them in stores), and
they tell me that I "sense a great loss" when I try to use them.
Also, I've seen this happen where I've just died, and it tells me that
I feel clumsy, and yet a dex. potion doesn't help.

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